​If things were up to this Philadelphia legend, Carson Wentz would be on a shorter leash than we all initially thought.

It's been a strange few seasons for the former second overall pick. He had a phenomenal 2017 campaign before he went down with a torn ACL and watched Nick Foles steal his spot behind center and in the hearts of Eagles fans. With ​Foles now in Jacksonville, Wentz has to prove Philadelphia made the right move investing in him instead of the former Super Bowl MVP.

According to Donovan McNabb, that's something he has to do immediately. 

McNabb believes the Eagles should draft a new QB if Wentz doesn't take them to the NFC title game in the next two seasons. 

​​Expectations are high, but this seems a little ridiculous.

This man has gone from MVP candidate to scapegoat in an incredibly quick span. Foles did help bring this team to the promised land in his absence, but McNabb may be underestimating just how difficult it is to make the NFC Championship. Yes, he did it four straight times in his career, but the NFL is not the same beast it once was. 

Plus, how do you know the next quarterback they're going to draft is going to be as good as Wentz currently is. There are things he needs to ​improve, but NFC Championship or not, he still has a bright future ahead of him.

Look across the league and the quarterbacks that reside in it. The majority of teams in the NFL would love to have Wentz on their team. With the Saints, Cowboys, Rams and Seahawks residing in the NFC, making a title game shouldn't be the measuring stick. 

McNabb isn't saying Wentz isn't talented, but in his eyes, the clock is certainly ticking for the Pro Bowl QB.