​After Philadelphia let Nick Foles walk away this offseason to join Jalen Ramsey and Leonard Fournette in Jacksonville, it's now clear that the Eagles are all in on Carson Wentz. However, as this interception highlight real shows, Wentz isn't the perfect quarterback some Philly fans make him out to be.

​​I mean, for Eagles haters, this is an absolute gift of a video. Eight minutes of interceptions? There's definitely a lot in there.

Of course, it's hard to ignore the reality of Wentz's success ever since 2017, eclipsing a passer rating of over 100 each year. Yet, as the video shows, there's plenty of miscues involved in there, much to the delight of Eagles haters everywhere. 

​​Next year looks like it'll be a pivotal one in Philadelphia for Wentz. The quarterback hasn't been able to stay consistently healthy besides his rookie season, and if he can't show that he can be a reliable franchise quarterback for the Eagles, the quarterback's honeymoon in the City of Brotherly Love could begin to show some signs of strain.

After getting a taste of Super Bowl glory, Philadelphia's hungry for more, and if Wentz can't give the fans and the team that success, his savior status might take a hit.