​The comeback trail is a long one, but Dez Bryant is well underway.

Just like last season, the former All-Pro wide receiver is still looking for a home, hoping to prove he still has what it takes to perform. The only difference is, he's trying to do so while recovering from ​an Achilles injury he suffered in his first practice with the New Orleans Saints. 

Bryant will soon finally get the chance to get back on the field now that he's been cleared to conduct some activities.

​​Can you blame the man for being thrilled?

Bryant has a lot of flaws and many people have made it very clear what they are. He's injury prone, he has a flair for the dramatic with his antics on the sideline, and his numbers have decreased. Having said all that, this emotional wideout still belongs in the game. No, he's not the top receiver he once was, but if he can come back from this injury, he should be able to help a team out.

Just 10 days ago, Bryant said he wasn't cleared and was itching to get back out onto the field. He still has a long way to go before he's able to play, but it's not like football season is around the corner. 

​​We're still four months away from opening kickoff. Bryant has plenty of time to get into shape and prove to people he's the steal he thinks he can be.