​If you ever needed proof that the ​NFL's bureaucracy is totally dysfunctional, look no further than the scheduling mishaps they made for the 2019 season.

Both the ​Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the ​Oakland Raiders got completely screwed on their schedules.

​​Tampa Bay and Oakland both have six-week stretches in which they won't play a single game in their home stadiums. The Bucs, in particular, have an absolute brutal stretch between Weeks 4 and 9, in which they're going to travel approximately 18,000 miles.

As for the Raiders, they're slated to travel an egregious 35,308 miles across the season. 

Yes, these players are athletes in peak physical condition, but that's bound to take a massive physical and mental toll on them throughout the course of the season.

​​Seriously, who thought that either of those schedules were even remotely acceptable? It's as if the NFL simply didn't care about the two teams for the 2019 season, because neither of them are expected to be particularly competitive.

Letting not one, but two ridiculous schedules like these be finalized is a total collapse on the part of the league. They should be ashamed of themselves for piecing together such horrific stretches of travel for both of these teams.