​Even though it appears that Christian Dawkins will serve six months and and pay $28,261 in restitution as a result of ​college basketball's ongoing corruption scandal, he is still trying to drag Arizona head coach ​Sean Miller down with him.

Steve Haney, Dawkins' defense attorney, claims that he has very strong evidence that Miller is paying players currently at Arizona. 

​​While this is coming from a very unreliable source, the fact that Miller discussed dishing out large sums of money to former Wildcat and current Phoenix Sun DeAndre Ayton gives this theory some legs. 

This news also comes after it was announced that Miller and LSU head coach Will Wade will not need to testify in the FBI's ongoing trial. 

​​Even if Miller was found to have paid his players, that news would be "irrelevant" to the bribery charges Dawkins is facing, according to a New York City federal judge. 

​​This probe is not done swallowing up all of the corruption in college basketball, but Dawkins has become the figurehead, of sorts, for this scandal. Even with Dawkins heading to jail in the near future, he could still be sitting on some evidence that does Miller in at Arizona.