​​Alabama head coach ​Nick Saban revealed after Saturday's spring game that he'd been coaching through a right hip ailment. 

The legendary head coach since stated that he plans on staying in Tuscaloosa for "a lot more years," and he's decided to undergo hip replacement surgery this offseason.

“I never noticed my hip at all until the first day of spring practice,” Saban told USA TODAY Sports. “I ran out on the field and it felt like I got a hip flexor. It didn’t feel like it was some injury or something like that, but it never went away and it actually kept almost getting worse."

While Saban will be getting a new hip, his biggest regret about the situation is the fact that he'll be held off the golf course for nearly two months. 

“The only thing I hate about it is, I’ll have to not play golf for six weeks or so,” he said. "But this is the best time for me to do it. I do a lot of speaking and evaluating and film work and stuff like that, but we’re not practicing. Other than playing golf, I probably wouldn’t be very active. So this is the best time, and then it gives me a lot of summer to get back in shape.”

Saban has won five national championships since coming to Alabama, and installing a new hip will enable to him to continue do so for years to come.