Chicago Bears safety Ha Ha Clinton​-Dix finished the coursework for his undergraduate degree at the University of Alabama a while ago. But he could have saved himself a lot of drama if he had just taken a peek at his student account balance.

​Clinton-Dix needs to pay his tuition just like any other college student. However, not many students can say that their degree was being withheld based on a dispute over $1. He had finished his degree in 2018, four years after his final season with the Crimson Tide; however, the university still hadn't released his degree due to Clinton-Dix overlooking a single dollar of unpaid tuition.

​​Clinton-Dix has more than enough money to pay the $1 fee. He's surely got more than that in change under the front seat of his car. But it's ridiculous that Alabama would even hold out for such a tiny sum of money as opposed to simply waiving it.

The 26-year-old defensive back completed his criminal justice degree in May, and got to walk across the stage at Bama's graduation ceremony. It's wildly impressive that he was able to complete a college degree while building a prominent NFL career, but the biggest obstacle turned out to be that single unpaid dollar.

​​Imagine going through the entire process of a college degree only to have it be withheld for 100 pennies. 

Now that he has his degree, Clinton-Dix can now shift his focus back to football. The former Green Bay Packer was traded to the Washington Redskins last year, and ​signed a one-year deal with the Bears in the offseason. Let's hope he can continue his NFL career for a while longer before he needs to puts that criminal justice degree to use.