​Man, what have the Lakers done right lately? Doesn't seem like much. In the wake of the decision by Magic Johnson to step down as president of basketball operations, it seems that L.A. has tried to focus on the future with little success thus far.

The prized target of the Lakers this season around the trade deadline was no doubt Pelicans All-World power forward Anthony Davis. The Lakers were unable to consummate a deal at the deadline for Davis, and now it is growing apparent that New Orleans is growing uneasy with the proceedings, with respect to Laker general manager ​Rob Pelinka.

The impression around the league is that NOLA just doesn't want to do business with Los Angeles, partly because of how blatant Davis was in his request to be moved there back in February. If that is the case, then it would make things no easier for Pelinka to make a deal now than it was back then, especially considering the reputation he has garnered in league circles.

With teams like the Celtics offering packages perceived as stronger than that of the Lakers, what reason would there be to continue these dialogues at all if you're New Orleans? 

Little, if any. If the Lakers do in fact go all summer without acquiring a star to play alongside LeBron James, it won't be Johnson's fault anymore. The blame will have to fall squarely on the shoulders of Pelinka.