​Robert Kraft, what have you gotten yourself into?

The Patriots owner made headlines this offseason after becoming embroiled in a prostitution ring scandal at a spa in Florida, but to make matters worse, video reportedly exists of Kraft engaging in lewd acts at the spa.

Now, for the time being, Kraft is keeping the matter under wraps and there has been no access to the footage, but it's practically impossible this continues. Sooner or later, the video will emerge, and when that happens, everything changes. 

​​This still doesn't seem like real life to some degree, but given the state of the world and the current social media age, it's almost a certain truth that the video will become accessible for the world to see. Then, this will become more real than many of us want to acknowledge.

As this saga continues, there's no telling the ramifications Kraft's actions could have on the Patriots organization and the NFL as a whole. 

​​For the time being, everything seems to have slowed to a standstill for Kraft in the case.

Thus, it's now that the owner must start thinking about how to plan for the future if this goes wrong, for when it inevitably does, the last position he wants to be caught in is flat-footed and unprepared.