LaMelo Ball ​added to his list of tattoos and got some fresh new ink plastered across his chest. The new body art is absolutely massive, covering most of the Ball brother's torso. 

The 17-year-old tattooed his signature No. 1 across his chest, adding detailed wings and a halo to the mix. All-in-all, it's a little ridiculous. 


How many high schoolers do you know that have tattoos like this? LaVar famously freaked out when Melo got his "fear God" tattoo back in September of 2018, how do you think he feels about this one? 

The Big Baller Brand has recently had a bit of a fall from grace after emerging as serious players on the basketball scene for about two years. After a financial dispute with a close family friend who was involved with the company, Triple-B seemed to take a hit, as did the family's trust in the company. 

Between Lonzo's struggles on the court, the company's turmoil, LaVar endlessly running his mouth and much more, the media can't get enough of the Ball family. 

Melo getting this tattoo doesn't even surprise me anymore. 

This family always needs to do something outrageous to stay relevant. The youngest Ball brother getting a tattoo that covers his entire chest is a bold move, but so is everything this family does. 

Just when you think things are getting out of hand, you stop and realize that this was probably all part of LaVar's master plan.