​As college basketball programs put the finishing touches on their 2019 recruiting classes, even the nation's juggernaut programs can't afford to forget about snagging a grad transfer or two in hopes of getting a nice one-year boost. That goes for the University of Kentucky, too, who have never struggled under coach John Calipari to draw in ​top-level talent on the strength of their brand alone.

The latest instance of the Wildcats having snatched up valuable reinforcements comes not from ​a one-and-done guy like coach Cal normally picks up, but Bucknell University graduate transfer Nate Sestina. He has now made things official by signing his letter of intent, and is off to Lexington for one last ride.

Sestina's averages of over 15 points per game along with eight rebounds means he's a consistent double-double threat with experience to match. The veteran presence that isn't always prominent in the NCAA's one-and-done era could be a breath of fresh air for Kentucky, as the program has not reached the national championship game in five years.

Coach Cal already seems to think he's hit it big with this Bison big man.

The boys down in Lexington have a good while to go before next season commences, so plenty of question marks still exist. But if Sestina can parlay his numbers from his Patriot League days into valuable minutes for Kentucky, he may find that he's got a promising path to the NBA.