​Ah, the NFL offseason! It always seems to provide the opportunity for players to make waves off the field rather than on it, and Alvin Kamara has certainly done that.

The star Saints running back has a new girlfriend with whom he's training down in Miami, but of course, the former Tennessee Volunteers standout is going to make waves while doing it.  

Kamara's new partner is understood to be a New Orleans-based stripper called Just Ace, and it's been reported that the pair have previously vacationed together in the Caribbean. And while the star running back is working on his game for 2019, she's got her own work to do off the football field.

The young Saint never been one to shy away from the public spotlight no matter what he's doing. From his ​insane offseason workout that blew up on social media to ​his criticisms of the NCAA, the running back has always lived his life and hasn't cared what other people think.

His girlfriend might not have the most glamorous job in the world, but it seems pretty clear that Kamara doesn't care and is going to live his life.

And you just gotta respect that. 

​​Regardless of what happens off the field in Kamara's life, Saints fans just hope that nothing interferes with his ability to ball out for New Orleans next year. By all indications, so far, so good.

With Mark Ingram departing the team for Baltimore this offseason, it's going to be all on Kamara to handle the backfield workload and take the heat off Drew Brees. He better be prepared if the Saints want to reach the Super Bowl.