​Rob Gronkowski has always been the resident wild man-child of the NFL, but this time, did he go too far?

The ​newly-retired tight end was engaging in some classic horseplay at Fenway Park last week, and just so happened to have the Vince Lombardi Trophy in his possession at the time. Of course, one thing led to another, and while using the NFL's biggest prize as a baseball bat (!), the former Patriots icon dented it.

Now, Gronk has finally taken to Twitter to break his silence on the matter. But from the look of things, he isn't losing much sleep over it. 

​​With Gronk now out of the NFL, what can anyone do about this but throw their hands up and laugh? He's always been a free spirit. You can't hold him down. This episode was totally appropriate for his character.

Gronk is living his best life, and at this point, he couldn't care less about the rules and traditions of the NFL. If there's a chance he's going to dent the Lombardi Trophy by using it like a baseball bat if it means having a bit of fun, you damn well know he's going to do it. 

​​At this point, though, the only thing members of the Patriots organization can do is shake their heads and smile one more time. It's Rob Gronkowski! What did you think was going to happen?