Joel Embiid was whistled for a flagrant foul after letting loose a brutal elbow into the neck of Jarrett Allen late in the first half of the Sixers' eventual Game 2 blowout win over the Nets on Monday night,

The flagrant seemed like a generous gift from refs as most watching the game thought that the move was intentional and that the All-Star center deserved a far cruder punishment. 

Ironically enough, Joel recently admitted in his pre-Game 3 presser that he probably should have received a Flagrant 2 and been ultimately tossed from the contest. 

​​What made matters even worse is the manner in which Embiid and Ben Simmons handled the post-game presser on Monday when they were asked about the controversial play. 

Upon the question, ​the two teammates began laughing, but Joel has just cleared those disrespectful actions up, insisting that Simmons made him laugh.

We admire Embiid's empathy here but it just doesn't change the fact that ​his recent erratic behavior is likely losing him a lot of fans. 

Hopefully he cleans his act up and returns to the social media-obsessed, superstar big man we've come to treasure.