​The ​Denver Broncos are all too familiar with this time of year. That's right, we're talking about the NFL Draft. Gone are the days of late picks for Denver, as they have found themselves in the Top-10  for the second consecutive year.

What has hindered the Broncos from returning to Super Bow territory is general manager John Elway, whose decision-making has been questionable at best. This year, with the tenth overall pick, Denver has the opportunity to draft their quarterback of the future.

The time is now to select their franchise signal caller, and they can't let Joe Flacco stop them from doing so.

​​That's right, during the first day of voluntary workouts, Flacco told the media that there's no need for Denver to draft a quarterback. But let's be real here, Flacco said this because he doesn't want to suffer a case of deja vu like he did with the Baltimore Ravens last season.

Flacco didn't play sufficiently enough to put the Ravens in playoff contention. Head coach John Harbaugh, who was on the proverbial hot seat at the halfway point of the season, put in rookie Lamar Jackson (after Flacco injured his hip), and the rest was history. Jackson was dynamic enough to bring the offense to new heights and clinch the AFC North. As a result, Baltimore ​ship​ped Flacco out to the Rocky Mountains.

The talk from draft experts, like NFL Network's Daniel Jeremiah, is that Elway and the Broncos coaching staff would stray away from taking a quarterback because they haven't seen Flacco play in their offense yet.

To be frank, t's a bit delusional for a franchise that hasn't had a great quarterback since Peyton Manning retired to completely balk on selecting one on draft night. 

Elway has notoriously​ been in love with Missouri's Drew Lock, while Duke's Daniel Jones has been compared to the aforementioned Manning. They're in prime territory to get their guy, and they should get him.

The Broncos passed on a quarterback last year, and they were burned by it. They can't make the same mistake, just because Joe Flacco is on the roster. Just look at his time in Baltimore as evidence why that's a terrible idea.