Has there ever been a joke about Ben Simmons' jump shot (or lack thereof) that hasn't been hysterical? 

Sure, its become a bit redundant over time, but with confidence, we'd say it's still a guaranteed killer.

Earlier on Thursday, ahead of Game 3 of their first round battle with the Sixers, a group of Nets fans might have pulled off the joke of the year, with a "Missing" poster that featured very distinguishing characteristics about the ​Sixers guard

"Identifying characteristics: ​Just average."

"Last seen: Drinking in Orlando." 

​​Tens across the entire board. This takes the award, and we don't want to hear any of your rebuttals. It's one thing to just put up a missing sign, but to include those little digs really elevates the joke from chuckle-worthy to hilarious. 

We would like to mention, however, that this is a bit hypocritical of these Brooklyn fans, as they are trolling a man who put up an 18-10-12 triple-double on them on Tuesday. 

Then again, what sports fan isn't petty and willing to troll at the first sight of possibility?

Get your popcorn ready, folks. Game 3 seems destined to deliver the theatrics.