​The ​New York Yankees' injury situation remains a mess.

The team is currently dealing with a colossal list of players on the IL, the longest of any team in the league. This includes five members of their starting lineup, their setup man, and their staff ace, Luis Severino

Perhaps the injury that stands out the most is that of Severino, one of the brightest up-and-coming pitchers in the game. And the Yankees' handling of his injury is one that should put every member of the training and medical staff on the unemployment line.

​​This is a bad look to say the least. Severino is one of the crown jewels of the Yankee organization, and the team showed as much when they signed him to a​ four-year extension during Spring Training. For the Yankees to be failing to manage the injury in such a way is downright embarrassing.

Sure, some of the responsibility should be on Severino himself to ​report the discomfort in his lat when he originally felt it, but the blame ultimately rests with the training staff for not staying on top of the hurler and for not communicating as effectively and as frequently as possible.

It is also completely mind boggling that this lat injury did not show up in an MRIs while the team was running testing on his shoulder. This is just a clear case of incompetence from the Bronx Bombers' medical team.

The support staff has been doing an awful job all year, as this is not the first time an embarrassing incident like this has happened. The Yankees should certainly considering cleaning house before things get even worse.