​On Wednesday, Rob Gronkowski proved once again that his electric personality will be impossible to replace in the NFL. 

The renowned phrase "Gronk smash" was in full effect when the three-time Super Bowl champ ​dented the Lombardi Trophy by absurdly using it as a baseball bat after he and some of his former Patriots teammates ​threw out the first pitch at the Red Sox home opener. 

After news of the now-dented trophy broke on Twitter, Julian Edelman and Tom Brady had priceless responses.

We, along with the millions of others who became aware of the news, shared the same reaction of TB12. 

Much like his quarterback, however, Edelman opted not to speak on the matter, evoking his Fifth Amendment right. 

​​What makes this whole ordeal even more fascinating (and equally hilarious) is the fact that Gronk didn't even swing the trophy. He harmlessly went to lay down a bunt as Edelman lofted in a pitch. 

Treating football's most prestigious hardware as a cheap piece of lumber wasn't the All-Pro tight end's best idea, but it does leave us with one firm conclusion: no matter the circumstances, we need a little more Gronk in our lives.