​A new season in the NFL, another highly likely Patriots postseason run. What's new?

The NFL's regular season schedule ​was released yesterday, and yet again, it looks like New England has been gifted with another ​relatively easy slate, giving them a leg up in their quest to win yet another Lombardi Trophy.

​​Beyond what could be a fairly difficult matchup against the Steelers at home Week 1, the Pats don't face a single team that looks too formidable until the end of October, when they take on the up-and-coming Browns on Sunday Night Football.

It just doesn't feel fair that New England has such an apparent advantage built into their schedule, paving the way for Tom Brady and Bill Belichick to end up at the top of the AFC East, but unless the defending champs suffer a championship hangover like the Red Sox, expect yet another hot start in 2019.

​​Of course, this season isn't going to be completely without its challenges. After their bye, New England does face a stretch of four playoff contenders in a row, a four-week span that could make the difference between the team being the top seed in the AFC and missing out on that crucial home-field advantage.

​However, looking at their opening nine games, it's blatantly obvious that no other team has a schedule quite so easy as the defending Super Bowl champions. The haters will surely claim conspiracy, but that's not going to dull the mood in Foxborough one bit-- nor should it.