​What has happened to the Red Sox? Dealing with the worst World Series hangover the team has ever seen, Boston is currently suffering in last place in the American League East, and to make things worse, they were just swept by the Yankees in dominant fashion.

However, this day-to-day minutiae doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of how terrible Boston's failure has been. 

In fact, the Red Sox have been so bad that their run differential through 19 games, which currently stands at -42, is the lowest for any defending World Series champion in history. 

​​Yeah, the Red Sox have really been that bad.

Chris Sale struggling on the moundthe team dealing with injury concernsthe bullpen becoming an absolute mess...it just doesn't seem like anything is going right for Boston. 

I mean, they even let Mike Tauchman ​tag them for his first-ever home run

​​Luckily for Sox fans, there's still a lot of time left in the season to catch up to the Rays at the top of the AL East. After all, it is only April.

But also, they're 8.5 games back already. Even for April 18, that's fairly unprecedented.

Something's got to change.