​The NFL is a money-making machine that has no intention of breaking down anytime soon. Each team is owned by the richest among us, and their wealth is only furthered by the amount of merchandise and tickets they sell.

​So, who are the most valuable franchises among the 32? Here's the top five from this past season, according to Forbes.

5. Washington Redskins ($3.1 Billion)

Despite their struggles as of late, the ​Redskins find themselves as the fifth-most valuable team in the NFL. That fact alone is staggering, considering their issues with funding a new stadium, in addition to low attendance numbers.

However, you can't forget the money they have dished out as of late. Look at Landon Collins' contract, weighing in at a whopping $84 million over the next six years. Alex Smith is making $94 million, and his career could be over after a gruesome leg injury. Regardless, the Redskins find themselves in the top five, able to absorb these monster contracts with ease.

4. Los Angeles Rams ($3.2 Billion)

A Los Angeles team at the top of the most profitable franchises list? You don't say!

The team has a beautiful new stadium on the way, while still trying to sway Los Angeles citizens into attending ​Rams games, which has been easier than convincing folks to head out to see the Chargers. With young stars like Jared Goff and Todd Gurley on the roster, they could earn more fans and potentially more revenue.

3. New York Giants ($3.3 Billion)

The ​Giants are one of the oldest franchises in the NFL, and considering they're in the New York Metropolitan Area, that's huge money right there.

New York owns four Lombardi Trophies, while also winning four NFL Championships in the pre-Super Bowl era. While the team lost the star power of Odell Beckham Jr., they have Saquon Barkley, whose play throughout his rookie season has him atop the NFL's best-selling jerseys list.

2. New England Patriots ($3.8 Billion)

The ​Patriots are a special kind of team. They represent the majority of the Northeast (and do it well), hence the "New England" moniker. 

Robert Kraft bought the team for $172 million back in 1994, and the squad is now worth 220 times more than what he purchased them for. Hell, six Lombardi Trophies will help in that process, as they are currently the preeminent dynasty of the NFL.

1. Dallas Cowboys ($5 Billion)

​This one shouldn't come as a surprise. While NFL fans groan at the Cowboys' "America's Team" slogan, it's true. Cowboys fans travel well throughout the nation.

Jerry Jones purchased the franchise for $150 million in 1989, and turned the once-struggling team into a juggernaut. Jones helped start the Cowboys dynasty in the 1990s, and built the massive AT&T Stadium. Not to mention, Dallas has the most recognizable logo in all of sports. All that equates to the most valuable franchise in the NFL.

How about them Cowboys?