​The Toronto Maple Leafs entered Game 4 on Wednesday night with a 2-1 series lead over the rival Boston Bruins, who have haunted them in the Stanley Cup Playoffs for the better part of a decade. Toronto's speed is absolutely killing the slow, plodding Bruins. 

It looks as though nothing can stop the Leafs, as they look to win their first Stanley Cup since 1969.

Wait, Drake, no! What are you doing?!?

​​Any professional sports fan knows what this means. In case you're a casual hip hop fan, welcome! When it comes to Drake and sports teams, it's been disastrous to say the least.

Drake has the tendency to don the jerseys of professional sports teams while in attendance for games, and even when he's performing in front of his fans. When he does so, the team tends to, well, lose. Those teams lose.

And tonight, the Leafs lost the game -- and their series lead -- 6-4 at home.

The rapper tried to avoid this prior to the AFC and NFC Championships by wearing a sweater adorned with the Kansas City Chiefs, New England Patriots, Los Angeles Rams, and New Orleans Saints logos. Well, Drake failed to break the curse, as both games went into overtime.

It may as well be over for the Leafs. There's just no coming back from this.