The 2019 ​NFL season is inching closer and closer. While opponents had already been revealed for each team, the schedules have not been finalized-- but that all changed on Wednesday night, as the league officially revealed the full schedules for all 32 teams in ONE MASSIVE TWEET.

​There you go! The NFL gave you one gigantic chart that you can place on your refrigerator door and check every Sunday morning while grabbing a glass of orange juice.

When looking at the schedules, there are some must-see games. From an AFC Championship Game rematch in Week 14 between the Kansas City Chiefs and New England Patriots, to the ​"Pass Interference Revenge Game" that pits the New Orleans Saints and Los Angeles Rams in Week 2, there's a lot to feast on.

Hell, we even get Baker Mayfield vs. Sam Darnold in Week 2!

Those are just a couple of the big games that will hit our television screens and keep our football-craved selves satisfied.

First, the schedules have been released. Then, the NFL Draft is underway in about a week. Slowly but surely, the 2019 season will be truly underway.