For anyone who ever thought Gronk was going to change during retirement, just know that this certainly isn't the case.

Now that ​Rob Gronkowski has officially stepped away from football, he can't get in trouble during team activities. That's right, the party boy of the NFL now has no rules or consequences to his actions as far as the league office is concerned. Coaches and ownership likewise can't formally admonish him for doing bonehead things-- like denting the Vince Lombardi Trophy, for instance.

That wasn't a hypothetical scenario, folks. The former All-Pro tight end dented the trophy after trying to use it to hit a baseball.

As one does.

This isn't his first time with the trophy, but someone surely warned him about this kind of horseplay, no?

This all occurred when the future Hall of Famer joined other Patriots at the Boston Red Sox home opener by ​throwing out the first pitch. Baseball fever must've taken over Gronk, who was amongst his teammates that were pretending to use the Lombardi Trophy as a bat to swing at baseballs. Gronk switched up his swing to a bunt and made contact, damaging the hardware. 

​​At some point, we had to assume Gronkowski was going to do damage to this trophy, right? The odds had to favor him there. Gronk spiking this bad boy into the ground was surely more likely, but the dark horse option of using the thing like a baseball bat ended up taking the cake.

​​Plenty of fans have made the joke already, but he's really made a lasting dent in this storied franchise. Forget about the numerous Pro Bowls or the dozens of touchdown catches from Tom Brady. To go above and beyond like Gronk only knows how, he literally put a dent in the game's biggest aw