​​Ben Simmons had a major bounce-back game in Game 2 against the ​Nets. He dropped an 18-point triple-double after scoring a measly nine points in Game 1. However, Jared Dudley is unimpressed with Simmons after their first two postseason meetings. 

Dudley, who missed Game 2 with an injury, was completely honest about his opinion on the 22-year-old, offering strong criticism to Simmons' game.

While Dudley's comments are a bit harsh, they aren't complete nonsense. ​Simmons thrives in transition where is able to use his vision to find open players and his size to easily get to the basket. When he gets limited to his half-court game, his effectiveness takes a dip.

Simmons can still be very good in the half court, but due to his lack of a jump shot, he can be easily minimized if he does not stay aggressive. Simmons has been exposed numerous times in the playoffs as opposing coaches have game-planned for him – but his lack of production might also be the fault of his own head coach.

Simmons is rarely used as a screener when he doesn't have the ball in his hands. Too often he's just standing around as a non-shooting threat. He doesn't spread the floor well due to his 

In order to beat the Nets and advance further into the playoffs Simmons will need to stay aggressive and be utilized correctly by Brett Brown. If duo is unable to figure it out, they can easily face an early-round exit, which might end up sending both of them new homes next year.