​The Alliance of American Football was a great idea and could've been an entertaining second league that takes place in the spring time. 

Unfortunately, it ​quickly died out because of a lack of finances, and on Wednesday, the AAF officially filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

This shouldn't shock anyone. I mean, NHL owner ​Tom Dundon saved the AAF from bankruptcy back in February with an infusion of roughly $250 million. There was no billionaire to bail them out this time, as the AAF has only $538,160.68 and the league will claim assets of $11.3 million and liabilities of $48.3 million.

The idea of starting a secondary football league was a good one, but the process of putting it into place was clearly flawed and set the AAF back big time. From forcing players to pay their own way home to not even playing their championship game, the AAF was a failure, regardless of how they try to spin it.