​Robert Kraft can speak out all he wants regarding the case against him, but video tells all.

After pleading with the courts to suppress the surveillance footage of the incident, Florida prosecutors said Wednesday that they intend to release the video of Kraft at the massage parlor.


Although it's been determined through the court hearings that ​Kraft wasn't involved in any kind of sex trafficking, the release of this video is still not a good look for him at all.

According to Palm Beach County State Attorney Dave Aronberg, his office is obligated under Florida law to provide the video to the public and the media now and cannot wait for a judge's approval. 

The logic behind releasing the video is beyond us, but if it's what they're obligated to do by law then there's really no argument to be had.

The footage shouldn't bring any new information to the table for Kraft's case, but it would prove his involvement in regards to the illegal activity at the day spa, which the Patriots owner would surely rather avoid.