Unfortunately, ​Dwyane Wade's final ride came to a premature end last week when his Miami Heat failed to qualify for the postseason. However, the future first ballot Hall of Famer is taking full advantage of his early days of retirement. Check out this video of Wade riding passenger (we hope) in a golf cart while staying hydrated--by polishing off a bottle of wine: 

Forget recency bias for a second. This has to be the greatest retirement selfie of all time, right? It comprises of the three essential components of post-work life: vacationing, golfing and copious amounts of alcohol. 

On another note, does the video make saying good-bye to Flash that much harder? We love to see the 13-time All-Star enjoying life post-NBA, but it's going to be difficult to process the fact that his career has come to a close. 

He has big plans for himself as a retiree, but for now Wade will sit back and enjoy all of this new-found free time he has. Enjoying a nice, and presumably costly, bottle of wine on the golf course is certainly a good start to Wade's new life of relaxation. 

Here's to hoping that No.3 continues to enjoy his retirement but if he keeps at this absurd pace, ​Wade might be suffering withdrawals sooner rather than later