​Wow. It was written all over their faces. If you watched Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant interact with the rest of their Warriors' dynasty squad during this 60 Minutes piece, then it was clear to see they weren't exactly sharing the laughs that Andre Iguodala, Shaun Livingston, and Steph Curry were all enjoying. 

Yup. During all the fun, Klay and KD sat hunched over, defeated looks on their faces, with their mouths...shut.

The most glaring part is the reaction given by those two following a comment made by the reporter who said, "It's not gonna get any better than this". KD and Klay just stayed silent as Steph, Iggy, and Livingston laughed off in agreement. 

Of course, this actually could be the end of the line, following this playoff run; Durant and Thompson are set to become free agents in the summer of 2019. Thompson has publicly expressed his intent to finish his career in Golden State (though you never know when something may have changed). Durant, on the other hand, has been less than verbal about his future destination. As early as yesterday, the star forward yet again pushed back on free agency rumors and told the press to just "watch the game", as he will make a decision once playoffs conclude. 

Rumors have speculated on Durant landing in New York to play for the Knicks next season, as KD has had multiple problems dealing with his team and the media this season. It is very clear that Durant is unhappy in Golden State and it wouldn't be surprising if he left the Bay.

For now, chances are that not many more advances on the futures of these two mega stars will surface until the Warriors finish out their season. Until then, we just have the subliminal evidence to go off of. And following this public and very obvious display of blatant discomfort and division, the rumors will only spread quicker.