Attendance for spring football scrimmages in college football is often inconsistent and hard to gauge, with fans and even players often only paying divided attention. 

But that doesn't mean the Florida Gators took a break from trolling their rivals this April. Only a fool would believe that. 

It may have been easier for Mullen and the Gators to announce an attendance of 41,014 people, in light of their 41-14 blowout of in-state rival Florida State for their first win over the Seminoles since 2012, but they decided to be more creative and go after what many consider to be the kingpin of the SEC East in Kirby Smart and UGA. 


Mullen told reporters after Saturday's scrimmage, "You guys think about it and get back to me," when asked where the attendance figure came from. The answer comes now after a half-week of detective work. 

While Georgia is not the only rival the Gators are currently dueling with on the field and the ​recruiting trail (FSU and ​Miami also come to mind), the Bulldogs are the conference opponent that UF is most focused on "dethroning" in the near future as they are UF's only natural rival in the SEC other than Tennessee. 


The teams will play at the "World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party" on Nov. 2 in Jacksonville.