Another social media war between NFL players could be in the works as Jets running back Le'Veon Bell and Eagles DT ​Malik Jackson have been trading blows on...Instagram. 

Bell posted a video on Instagram depicting a play from the 2018 playoffs when the Steelers took on Malik's Jaguars. During the play, ​Le'Veon juked out the former Pro Bowler and left the defender in his wake. 

Malik came across the post and responded by posting a video of his own, which features another play from that game, where Jackson tackled Bell and taunted him over the RB's premature prediction that Pittsburgh would be advancing to take on the Patriots.

“Come on lame a-- Le’Veon Bell don’t just show a snippet show the truth. And this in only half the video,” read Jackson's caption. 

Of course, Bell wasn't just going to let that blow over and he replied almost immediately on his Instagram story, saying, "For whatever reason Malik Jackson took my post as if I’m tryin to make him look bad and that’s not the case at all... I respect your game. We all know y’all won that game, you played well in that game too so I’m posting this too. I’m all positive vibes this way bro.”

Originally, this feud looked like it could have gone back and forth for hours but it appears as though Bell is playing peacemaker so credit to him. 

That's not to say the beef wasn't entertaining during its brief pinnacle.