​How is this guy still allowed behind home plate? Yes, we understand the life of an MLB umpire is a tough one, and surely they're owed the benefit of the doubt every now and then. But how many times has ​Ron Kulpa inserted himself into the headline, rather than the play of some of the game's greatest stars? In a game featuring the likes of Christian Yelich and Paul Goldschmidt, we're still talking about ​Kulpa. That's an awful look for baseball.

Not a foul tip! Not even close!

Kulpa somehow thought this ball was tipped by the bat and then caught by the Brewers catcher, but to the surprise of no one he was wrong again.

Want a closer look? You tell us.

I don't know what to tell you, that's clear as day.

We hold umpires to a higher standard today than ever, especially considering the technology available to us which could make these strike zone judges all the more irrelevant.