Despite leading the defending Stanley Cup champions in a must-win Game 3, ​Carolina Hurricanes fans weren't happy about Alex Ovechkin's vicious clobbering of rookie Andrei ​​Svechnikov. 

It's tough to blame them, of course. Ovechkin is often lauded around the league despite his status as one of the greats of this generation. Ovi is a great goal-scorer, but later in his career has built the reputation as an ambitious fighter. One Hurricanes fan in particular wanted to let Ovechkin know exactly how he felt.

Point made, we think.

Ovi is unlikely to face any punishment from the Department of Player Safety, as physical play if encouraged in today's game, and that includes fighting. Even though the Canes rookie was just *gulps* 19 at the time of the fight, that was Svechnikov's decision. For that, he paid the price.

​If Carolina really wants to send a message Ovechkin's way, winning Game 3 would be a start.