It's always fun to flex your Twitter muscles until the star you're talking trash about calls you out for bashing them.

Maybe calling Matt Flynn a star is a little over the top. He was once brought to Seattle as the next starting quarterback for the Seahawks and will go down as one of the  worst signings in franchise history. What he lacked in QB instincts he surely picked up in Twitter experience and caught an NFL writer red-handed. 

Flynn responded to a tweet that poked fun at the Seahawks thinking he was a franchise QB and caused the writer to immediately backtrack. 

If you're going to call someone out like that, at least tag them. It makes you look a little bit less weak. 

Adam Rank, a fantasy football analyst on NFL Network's 'Good Morning Football', was bringing up the Seahawks current debacle about extending Russell Wilson. You can call out the Seahawks for numerous reasons since they could possibly let their Super Bowl QB walk but Flynn definitely doesn't think he needed to be brought into this, and he's right. 

The best part is him backtracking. He called out the Seahawks for offering a contract of three years for $26 million while absolutely missing on his potential and then said he didn't mean any offense to it. How in the world was that not meant with any offense attached? 

Just ignore the tweet next time or own up to it and call it how it is. You simply can't cover with this one.