​Robbie Cano reps his namesake every time he steps on the diamond.

So on April 15? He's got to make things extra special.

Players around Major League Baseball will wear No. 42 on Monday to honor the late ​Jackie Robinson, who is one of the more important people in sports, not just baseball. New York Mets second baseman ​Robinson Cano is doing more than just wearing his number. He'll be donning some special cleats to pay tribute to Jackie.

How awesome are those cleats?

This day means a lot to Cano. His father Jose, who was a major league pitcher, idolized Jackie and ended up naming his son after him. That's no small thing, and you can bet that Cano knows a lot about Jackie's struggle and what he means to people of color.

​​It's unlikely that the 36-year-old Cano will have a straight steal of home to honor Jackie, but maybe he can go deep Monday night for the Mets against the Philadelphia Phillies. It would only be fitting, right?