​Boston Red Sox manager Alex Cora decided to ​mix things up on Patriots' Day and started catcher Christian Vazquez at second base, under dire circumstances.​ Technically, I can wrap my head around why, but beyond all reason, he looks pretty comfortable over there. Check out this play:

Vazquez stretched out to catch a throw from right fielder Mookie Betts, and he dove back to the second base bag to tag out the runner. What a play from the backstop!

He also looks pretty comfortable turning double plays. Check this out:

His throw looked a little awkward, but it was strong and accurate enough to turn a 4-6-3 double play with ease. If Vazquez can be average defensively at second base moving forward, does this cut into the playing time of DH Dustin Pedroia and Eduardo Nuñez?

At the very least, it gives Cora more defensive options.