​​NFL pundits have been debating and speculating what the Arizona Cardinals will do with their first overall selection in this year's draft all offseason. ​Will they draft Kyler Murray and ship Josh Rosen out of town? Will they trade back? ​These questions will all be answered in just 10 short days.

But according the ESPN's website, the Cardinals have already made their choice.


Alabama's Quinnen Williams is widely considered to be the best prospect in this year's draft, so Cardinals fans shouldn't be disappointed if this is the route the team takes. But this just seems like an obvious technical blunder on ESPN's part.

It would be pretty anti-climactic if the Cardinals went with Williams at No. 1 after an entire offseason of Kyler Murray speculation, but it would be a safe pick for the Cardinals and new head coach Kliff Kingsbury. 

Usually, projecting the first five or so picks in the NFL Draft isn't too difficult. But with all the speculation at the top of this year's draft, who knows what will go down on April 25? Should be exciting to watch.  

Unless ESPN knows something.