Back in late March, renowned college basketball broadcaster ​Dick Vitale went berserk on a radio show after he was called a hypocrite for comments he made about then-suspended LSU coach Will Wade. 

Throughout the entire ordeal, Vitale remained consistent and persistent in bashing Wade, assuming that he was guilty and stating that he shamed the university. 

Well, Wade was reinstated late Sunday night after a meeting with school, and NCAA officials found no evidence of any wrongdoing. And guess who came to the immediate defense of the HC? You guessed it...Mr. Vitale. 

​​Is it possible that hypocrisy possess an odor? If so, this REEKS of insincerity. Talk about being a prisoner of the moment. 

Nobody's questioning that Wade was involved in some sketchy business, but we are all innocent until proven guilty. 

It really makes you wonder if Dicky V has an agenda against Wade. Why else was he so quick and willing to advocate for his downfall? 

Whatever the case, Vitale is simply humiliating himself with these "freezing cold takes" and should just stop speaking on the matter. 

It'll be best for his reputation and for ESPN, the network that would be the most likely to air his air-headed comments.