​Really dude?

Okay, we definitely acknowledge it's preposterous that ​76ers fans felt the need to boo their team after less than one game of playoff basketball in their series against the Brooklyn Nets. Considering this team coined the process, setting a new low for quality of basketball in the process, they ought to have more patience for his young 76ers squad. 

But that being said, this is Philadelphia. It's just what they do. Ben Simmons wasn't having any of it.

What a freaking baby.

Simmons is a very talented player, but his lack of jump shot and free throw struggles make him frustrating to watch for Philly faithful. In the playoffs, when the stakes are so high, fans are bound to be even more emotional. Unsurprisingly, Philly faithful aren't taking kindly to Simmons' response.

Simmons ought to be more professional and watch his words, especially after such a ​disappointing playoff defeat. He's not wrong, but calling out the fanbase does no good in this predicament.