This isn't going to go over well in Philly. As the ​76ers near their first playoff defeat against the Brooklyn Nets, Amir Johnson and Joel Embiid were seen...checking a text message as they sat on the bench rather than ​cheer on their teammates. Oof.

​Oh no...keep the phones in the locker room, folks! This is playoff basketball.

Just wait until Jimmy Butler sees this. There's a zero percent chance that phone survives postgame press conferences, as Butler would have every right to throw it off the nearest SEPTA track.

 Practice might not be able to wait until the morning. Jimmy and the Scrubs against Embiid, Johnson and Ben Simmons. 

Per Embiid, the two players were checking on Johnson's sick daughter. While that's certainly a reasonable explanation, don't expect coach Brett Brown to simply let it fly.

As Brown and the players know, players having a phone on the sidelines is illegal per the NBA rulebook. So while it may have been well-intentioned, the two could find themselves in some trouble with the league for this stunt.

Reminder: this is only Game 1.