​It appears that the​ Sacramento Kings are moving towards hiring a new head coach, and if it gets done the move would be an absolutely brilliant one. 

​​This news comes just days after the ​Kings parted ways with head coach David Joerger in a somewhat surprising move. 

Luke Walton also just agreed to ​"mutually part ways' with the Los Angeles Lakes Friday afternoon, but it appears he will not last very long on the open market, and rightfully so. This past year may not have gone as planned for the Walton coached Lakers, but let's not forget that he is still a brilliant basketball mind and has shown that as a coach. 

Walton filled in incredibly for Steve Kerr when he was the then-assistant coach for the Golden State Warriors, which would win 24 games in a row to start the season under Walton.

If he's so brilliant then why didn't it workout in LA? Well, the Lakers may not have had a successful season but Walton should not receive the blame. Injuries derailed their 2018-19 campaign, as key players like Brandon Ingram and LeBron James missed significant time.

Drama in the front office was also a big reason, with the Anthony Davis trade saga being a huge distraction for the team. 

Walton could be going to the perfect situation in Sacramento, with a young, coachable, and talented young core. Walton will likely resonate well with Sacramento's young players like Buddy Hield and De'Aaron Fox, as the coach himself is only 39 years old.

After initially being deemed a questionable move to fire their coach in the first place, maybe Divac knew what he was doing all along.