Jalen Mills of the ​Philadelphia Eagles was involved​ in a physical altercation with Devin Robinson of the ​Washington Wizards late last night. 

It resulted with Mills being arrested and Robinson being hospitalized. 

Now, details have emerged over the reason for the altercation and they are, well... embarrassing. 

​​I mean... wow. 

First of all, that is a pretty big assertion coming from someone like Robinson. Robinson played a grand total of seven games for the Wizards this past season, and averaged 6.7 points per game.

I would say Robinson's street cred in D.C. is... marginal at best. So, for him to be claiming territory on Mills is pretty silly. 

An altercation like this is something that most players would generally want to avoid, but for a player that is fighting for a contract and struggling to maintain a career in the NBA, it's just downright moronic.

Wow. That is a pretty strong statement by the Wizards right there, and one that is certainly daunting for Robinson's NBA future.

The Eagles on the other hand have taken more of a backseat approach to the situation, reserving any judgment until more information comes out.

​​Stories like this are certainly headline grabbers, but it's easy to forget that professional careers are on the line here. More details are likely to emerge of the situation in the coming days.