Andy Dalton

Teams That Should Trade Up for the Jets' Pick

The Jets are reportedly trying to shop their No. 3 overall pick before the NFL Draft at the end of the month, and with such a high-value pick, many teams should be eyeing trading up for it. Here are three that should make the effort to secure New York's pick.

3. Cincinnati Bengals

Come on Cincinnati, what's there to lose? You're an absolute mess as a franchise, and making a huge splash like this to draft a generational talent could be the launching pad the team needs to start a new era. The Bengals haven't had a playmaker on defense in a long time, and with so many great defensive players on the board, now might be the best time to make a move. 

2. Jacksonville Jaguars

Stuck at seventh in the draft, the Jaguars may miss out on key talents because of their draft position. For such an offensively-challenged team, having the opportunity to draft practically any offensive player could be game-changing for the franchise, and Tom Coughlin should take the risk by trading up.

1. Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta: the time is now. You need defensive talent badly, but by sitting at 14th overall, you're just going to let game-changing players in one of the best classes for defensive players in recent history pass you by. This is the year to gamble with a trade: make it happen.