Allen Hurns,Johnathan Joseph

3 Most Overpaid Players on the Cowboys

If Dallas is serious about signing Ezekiel Elliott and Dak Prescott to their huge long-term deals, they're going to have to restructure some of their other contracts. America's Team is seriously overpaying for some of the players on their roster. Here are the three most glaring example: 

3. DL Tyrone Crawford

By no means is Crawford a bad player, but paying him $7 million next year after he produced under six sacks and 34 total tackles in 2018 is certainly questionable. He's a free agent after 2020. It may be time for Dallas to let Crawford go even sooner. 

2. DL Robert Quinn

Dallas loves their defensive linemen, so much so that they're willing to give Quinn $8 million next season after trading for him this offseason. However, the veteran's best days are behind him, and while he still performed fairly well last year in Miami, he's still not worth that high-level  money.

1. WR Allen Hurns

Hurns got paid $6 million in 2018 to record under 300 receiving yards and catch two touchdowns: that's absolutely absurd. Dallas is set to pay Hurns $5 million, and as a playoff contender, it's simply unacceptable to pay that much for such a mediocre player.