​Brace yourselves NBA fans. The league could be in for some MAJOR changes in the future. 

In a recent press conference, commissioner ​Adam Silver told reporters he is open to the idea of reducing games from 48 to 40 minutes and adding an in-season tournament as a means to rebuttal the "load management" excuse that sees countless players sit-out games throughout the season. 

"I'm particularly interested in looking at different kinds of formats - at midseason tournaments, for example, play-in tournaments - because even accepting that players have so many miles on their bodies, there may be better ways to present it," said ​the commish.

"Assuming guys are going to play 82 games, maybe there should be a certain number of games in the regular season, and then there should be two tournaments throughout the season," Silver continued. 

He proceeded to acknowledge that a "long-term cultural shift" must take place before the Association can even consider these mid-season tourney's. 

The NBA has made significant alterations since Silver assumed the office in Feb. 2014, the most notable being the refurbished draft-lottery formats and All-Star game. 

Silver prioritizing the physical well-being of his players shouldn't surprise anybody as he's previously decreased the number of back-to-backs in a season and has prolonged the duration of the All-Star break. 

Nevertheless, it will still be some time before the commissioner's idea is even introduced.