​The ​Atlanta Braves have been busy early on in the season, signing two key players, ​Ozzie Albies and ​Ronald Acuña Jr., to long-term contract extensions. While discussing the topic of the recent wave of extensions, Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman made some encouraging comments.

Freeman said that he wants to stay in Atlanta for the rest of his career, indicating that he won't be going anywhere when his contract expires after the 2021 campaign. 

Freeman said an interview with MLB.com, "This is my 13th year in the organization, and I love it here." He continued on to say, "I’m comfortable here. I’ve made the money. I now just want to end my career here... I don’t want to go anywhere else. I don’t." 

Freeman went on to say that he'd probably retire after his next Braves' contract expires, rather than suit up for a short-term deal with another club. He's showing just how loyal he is to the city and to the team. 

If Braves fans were looking for a reason to show Freeman more love, they just got it. And for those who enjoy the way the Braves roster looks right now, well, they should get used to it. It looks as if the core of the team is here to stay. 

Not only was Freeman ecstatic about his teammates Albies and Acuña signing their extensions, but he offered praise to GM Alex Anthopoulos for his work in the front office. 

Freeman is under contract for three more seasons, including this year. He initially signed an 8-year, $135 million contract with the team back in 2014. He's due to earn $21 million this season, and a combined $44 million over the next two years.