This is not the Cy Young season Chris Sale expected he would have in 2019, and it certainly hasn't been the start the defending champs were hoping to get out to. Things need to change in Boston. 

Sale has been the focal point of one of the more disappointing teams in baseball thus far. The lefty simply doesn't look like himself on the mound, and has every ​Red Sox fan extremely worried, but according to manager Alex Cora, he's diagnosed his own problems. 

Sale believes his windup is off this season. 

A mechanics issue is way better than a health issue, as now it's just on Sale to identify and then fix his windup. A small adjustment is an easier fix than a stint on the IL. 

Sale specifically pointed out his timing when it comes to his arms and legs as one fluid movement, when diagnosing the issue in his mechanics. Not having proper balance would definitely play a role in his 0-3 record and 9.00 ERA. 

The Red Sox are giving him time in between starts to figure his stuff out, and are pushing his next start back a day. Hopefully he can wrap his head around his windup by then. 

​​Whatever the issue is, the Red Sox have to figure it out fast. They can't have their ace continue his pitiful start. 

Sale is usually a top-tier pitcher, and just recently signed an extension, so the Red Sox are counting their lucky stars in hopes that he can right the ship and get his year back on track.