There are a lot of changes going on in Seattle, which other teams have to love. Then, there are players who are going to be around on the Seahawks for years to come, some of whom have made enemies on rival teams.

This isn't the same Seahawks team that won the Super Bowl in 2014. The Legion of Boom is no more, Marshawn Lynch is gone, parts of the defense are in shambles and Russell Wilson may not even be around soon, if this team doesn't meet his deadline. Still, there is a bright spot amongst the darkness, and that is the bully that is defensive tackle Poona Ford. 

Ford is already making a name for himself just one year into his professional career, after teammate Quinton Jefferson claimed he once made a San Francisco 49ers lineman cry. 

You definitely don't want to be on the wrong side of that rumor.

According to Jefferson, Ford was abusing this poor offensive lineman, who might possibly be center Weston Richburg, the entire game. Richburg was the 49ers center for both of their games against Seattle this season. 

Ford was a force to be reckoned with in the NFC West rivalry games, and that caused Richburg's to get frustrated. Allegedly, his rage eventually boiled over to actual tears, which is certainly not a good look for a player in such a physical league.

You never want to see an offensive lineman cry out of frustration but he had every right to be angry. In the two games he faced Richburg, Ford had four run stops one contest and three tackles for a loss the next. 

Those aren't games Richburg will want to remember, whether or not he was broken down to the point of tears.