​The ​Atlanta Braves made away like bandits after ​extending Ozzie Albies' contract for pennies on the dollar. The 22-year-old second baseman is due to make $35 million over the next seven seasons, in what has people around the league stunned. The deal is an absolute bargain for the Braves, which has some believing that they will ​try to sign free agent reliever, and former Brave, Craig Kimbrel. 

Well, there's more fuel to that fire, as Kimbrel and Albies actually share an agent. That connection between the two players could go a long way for the Braves, as they will surely be fond of Albies' agents for producing such a team-friendly contract. 

​​Perhaps they'll use some of the money they saved and parlay it into a contract offer for the closer, who spent all of free agency without reaching a deal with a club, despite his pedigree as one of the league's best pitchers. 

Maybe their representation, SportsMeter, will be able to convince Kimbrel to sign a short-term deal with his former club in order to get him back on the field. After all, is the 30-year-old really willing to sacrifice a full season?

We'll see if the Braves can maneuver a deal that would reunite them with Kimbrel and improve a bullpen that will need to be at its best if the team wants to make a postseason run.