To be a successful agent, you have to have a degree of charisma. The ability to maintain strong professional relationships and mend broken ones is essential for moving up in the world. 

Well, before he was ​Los Angeles Lakers GM, Rob Pelinka took that to heart​ and become one of the biggest one best agents in the NBA. That glibness has now given him a stranglehold on his shiny front office job at Staples Center, and now that ​Magic Johnson has resigned and sent the organization into further disarray, owner Jeanie Buss is now bestowing even more power on Pelinka.

And based on how bad the Lakers have been since he arrived, the move just doesn't make any sense.

​​The Pelinka/Magic duo, outside of landing LeBron James -- who was almost certainly already c coming anyway -- has been an abject mess. They traded D'Angelo Russell only to watch him become a star in Brooklyn. They let Julius Randle walk for nothing in restricted free agency. They deliberately chose to sign Rajon Rondo and Lance Stephenson and Michael Beasley instead of surrounding LeBron with shooters. Even worse, former No. 2 overall pick Lonzo Ball is looking more like Mateen Cleaves than the Jason Kidd we were promised.

But despite it all, Pelinka has failed upwards by charming the pants of ​Jeanie Buss (who has her own problems) and everyone else in the Lake Show C-suite.

​​There is no organizational accountability within this franchise. Even though Pelinka has proven he hasn't done a good job in charge of things, Buss won't dismiss him in favor of an established name who will turn this ship around.

​​Get ready for more of this, Lakers fans. It doesn't look like Kobe Bryant's old agent is getting canned anytime soon.